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March 6, 2019

I’ve never really enjoyed grocery shopping. I think it’s the overwhelming amount of items to find and there is so many other things that I would rather spend my time doing! I like to keep the shopping trips easy and as fun as possible and get back to doing what I love. Here are my life hacks as it relates to grocery shopping.

I always make my list and weekly plan on the Friday before the weekend for the following week. It’s on my calendar so I don’t have to worry about when it will happen. I then know what I need to get when it comes time for the actual grocery trip. Most of the time I arrange to pick up my groceries on Sunday at some point and then again on Wednesday if I need fresh produce. If that’s not possible due to family activites or traveling I either pick them up Monday or have them delivered to Derek’s work and he brings them home. We live out in a rural area of town so if you are in town, you can have them delivered right to your doorstep!

To plan, I use Knock Knock pads’ ALL OUT OF pad and WHAT TO EAT pad. The All Out Of pad separates the store by zone and then provides suggested items in categories and blank lines for you to add additional items.

I then transfer the information from the What to Eat (meal plan) pad to a white erase meal plan board from Pottery Barn, hanging in our downstairs multippurpose room so everyone can see what we are having for dinner.

I also use Amazon for my regular household supplies. Subscribe and Save works great. Many of the items have a recommended amount of months to set delivery up for based on your household size. It’s easy to go in and change your quantities or a skip a month until you get the hang of what you use too. I used to go to Costco for all of it but now I’m finding that I like having many of these supplies delivered as it is a large time saver. If you prefer Costco, in some cities you can order Costco through Instacart. I also like Melaleuca and Scentsy as regular suppliers for additional household supplies. Below I will share my Amazon shopping guide and information about what I love to order on a subscription basis to keep things stocked and stress-free.

Here are my 5 steps for keeping Grocery & Household Supply Shopping Stress Free

  • Make your meal plan for the following week on Friday or Saturday. I prefer Friday as it leaves the weekend for rest and relaxation.
  • Order your groceries and set the delivery time for Sunday or Monday morning. I either use Fred Meyer Grocery Ordering Service or Instacart. With Fred Meyer, you set your time to pick up. Instacart delivers. You pay a membership fee to use this service, there is a small service fee and separate service fee for alcohol and then you can tip your driver, 5% is recommended. This makes life so much easier!
  • Pick up or order again on Wednesday. Sometimes we need fresh produce mid-week or a few items for the end of the week and weekend. Refer to your list and plan and grab the extra items mid-week so you don’t have to shop on the weekend!
  • Use Amazon for your household supplies that you get in bulk. Costco can supplement this but it takes more time and Amazon is so convenient. You can set up a subscription service and change the frequency at any time for most items. See my favorite regular subscription items in the gallery below.
  • Order healthy options online that your local grocery store doesn’t carry. I’ve found that Thrive has a lot of them. You can order online and have it delivered to your doorstep!
  • Visit your local farmer’s market with a friend as a planned fun outing either weekly or every other week. Invite a friend and double the time as a friend fix. I am a huge proponent of supporting local farmers and know that you are always getting a much better and healthier product by purchasing through them! If you are in Southern Oregon the Rogue Valley Grower’s and Crafters Market open Thursdays from 8:30 am-1:30 pm and the Ashland Tuesday Market is at the same time. If you can’t make the Grower’s Market these three stores are also great for local, organic produce and natural and organic options: Natural Grocers, Medford Food Co-op, and Ashland Food Co-op.


Happy Shopping!


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