Sayulita, Mexico | A Travel Guide

April 11, 2019

We made it! And that’s an understatement. I didn’t plan on writing a post about Sayulita and then recommending that you wait to travel there. Both my husband and I got sick while there so, unfortunately, I learned some things from this trip. I learned that you should always research the area you are going thoroughly to make sure that it’s safe.

Sayulita is a lovely place, filled with color, great shops, surf, and a rustic, down to earth feel. Unfortunately, they have some issues with their water system and a virus that makes it less desirable to travel to right now. I’m praying that they can work to clean these things up so you can take me up on some of our recommendations. We’ve been twice now, once about 5 years ago and then once this month. The first time, we had no problems, but the town has grown exponentially in the last 5 years and they just haven’t been able to keep up with the growth.

That being said, I took some great photos and we stayed in the sweetest hotel that I’d like to share with you. Just make sure if you go, you check with a good source on the health of the area.

First, the Amor Boutique Hotel is where we stayed. It is the sweetest hotel with some of the most special rooms. Our suite had a beautiful ocean view, was very romantic, and had everything we would need for a weeks’ vacation. There was a little outdoor kitchenette with a sink, stove top, pans, glasses and dishes, a microwave, and all you would need if you wanted to prepare something. It had a beautiful pool area with two levels and beautiful flowers everywhere! The spa area was just adjacent to the pool area. The massages were amazing.


Our favorite restaurant was Mary’s. A hole in the wall with a few tables on the street. The fajitas and guacamole were the best we’ve had. Derek had his go-to Chicken Mole and it was to die for. They had several different salsas to try. I’d go back there again and again. I didn’t have a meal better than this the entire time.


The beach is awesome, it’s more crowded than it was five years ago but the surf is the best I’ve seen for all ages. There are boards available on the beach for rent. Even I would go out there and catch a few waves once I know the water is clean! The boats sit on the beach and are ready to tour you around to great surf spots or any kind of activity you could dream up on the ocean! Paddleboards are available too right on the beach, a fraction of what it costs us to rent anything in Maui.


My husband enjoyed some tequila tasting at these two places. The Sayulita Wine Shop was fun because they had wine, mezcal, tequila and more!

This shop was a little more focused on tequila and mezcal so we enjoyed learning about how it’s made and tasting the different types.

Overall the best thing about the entire trip, was walking the streets and taking photos and meeting the people. It is such a colorful town, filled with fun things to look at a fun, joyful vibe. Check out my photo gallery below to see more!

Finally, most of my outfits were sourced by Urban Minx. You can click this link to see my pics for the trip and read what I love about these outfits on my Spring fashion blog post here. If you are planning a spring getaway to a warm climate, any of these picks will have you traveling and enjoying in style!

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