8 Ways to Find Your Style

June 17, 2020



Expression: “something that manifests, embodies, or symbolizes” 

One way to express yourself is through your style and there isn’t a better time to approach this than a new season.  Spring is upon us!  Here are some ways that I’ve found my style through the years.  It hasn’t been without trial and error and some choices that I now look back on and laugh at but…I’ve got a pretty good sense of it now.  


       1. Find Your Style Icons

Pinterest is the perfect tool for finding style inspiration.  Is there a celebrity who you are drawn to and the looks they wear?  Save their pics to a fashion/dream vision board called “My Style Icons”.  You can also create a second seasonal board that has outfits or clothing pieces that you are liking.  I’m very visual so this helps me even when I am getting ready or packing for a trip.  I get outfit inspiration from these boards.  


       2. Find Your Words & Write them Down

Pick a few words that describe you.  I’ve been told I’m a little “edgy” and sometimes I identify with the bohemian look.  There are plenty of other words to think about as being your style like feminine, classic, modern, or ladylike.  You get to design your life and style so have fun and write these words down.

       3. Take Photos of Yourself in Your Favorite Outfits

If you find outfits that you love while looking at what you already have, snap a photo of yourself in them and archive them on your phone or iPad for use as inspiration later.  This also helps when shopping, you can reference what you already have and purchase pieces to mix and match.  

       4. Choose a Palette

It simplifies the wardrobe to work within a color palette.  Are you a black and white girl or do you prefer soft feminine shades?  Do you like busy patterns or jewel tons or are you a neutrals kind of gal.  If you stick to a palette it not only narrows choices but is extremely helpful in putting things together as all the pieces coordinate.  I’m still working on pairing my wardrobe down to this level.  

       5. Declutter Your Closet

Remove any items that haven’t been worn in a year.  If you can remove them if they’ve not been used in 6-9 months.  Sometimes there are classic pieces that are worn less often and it’s good to save those for special occasions but as a rule, it’s good to seasonally discard anything that you didn’t wear or don’t feel comfortable in.  Chances are that if you aren’t wearing them now, you won’t wear them next season.  Marie Kondo has so many great tips on organizing by color, how to fold and hang things as well.  Check out her website here.  

       6. Buy Less Expensive Trendy Items

When experimenting with trends, it’s good to start with a less expensive version, especially if it’s a seasonal trend that likely will be obsolete in a season or two.  You can have fun trying out new styles for you to find your way if you are unsure and not break the bank at the same time.  

       7. Try out Being a Minimalist

I’m still working on reducing the amount of clothing I have, as I love clothes, but minimalism is only keeping the things you wear, re-wearing them in creative ways by mixing and matching and simply not having too much.  It makes it easier to get dressed when you have fewer choices.  I’m not very good at this but I have friends who are, and they always look great!  I’m never focused on what is being repeated in their wardrobe because they are always so well put together and relaxed, probably because they aren’t stressing over the piles of clothes they need to organize or put away all of the time! 

       8. Dress for Your Lifestyle

If you are a city gal, of course, get your city on and have fun things to go out in.  If you are a working woman, don’t fill your closet with ultra-casual things.  If you live on a ranch like me, keep a few fun dresses and heels but work on a more practical wardrobe with wearable items.  At the end of the day, just be thoughtful about what you will really wear when you shop.  It will save money and regrets!  

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