Understanding the Six Human Needs

August 12, 2020

According to Anthony Robbin’s happiness can be found by meeting these six human needs.  Robbins has worked with millions of clients and through his work has found common needs amongst all human beings.  As we begin to understand what motivates us, it is easier to understand and examine why we do the things that we do.  This creates a greater awareness that allows room for growth and change if desired.  


The six core human needs are certainty, variety, significance, love and connection, growth, and contribution. The first four needs are defined as needs of the personality and achievement and the last two are identified as needs of the spirit.  Here are the six needs and what they consist of.


Certainty-safety, stability, order, control, consistency, comfort predictability, and security. 

Uncertainty or Variety-the need for variety, surprise, challenges, excitement, difference, chaos, adventure, change, and novelty.

The first two human needs work together when balanced.  When out of balance, say you have a large amount of control, often it can hinder surprise or sense of adventure.  

Significance-The need to have meaning, special, pride, needed, wanted, sense of importance, and worthy of love.

Love and Connection-The need for communication, unified, approval, attachment, to feel connected, intimate, loved by other human beings.

Significance and Love and Connection are also connected.  If you are spending most of your time on pride and sense of importance you might miss the feeling of being intimate and connected to others.

The final two needs are the needs of the spirit and provide the framework for fulfillment and happiness.  These two needs are:

Growth-the need for constant emotional, intellectual, and spiritual development.

Contribution-the need to give beyond ourselves, give, care, protect, and serve others. 


Now, here’s an exercise for you!  Write down all the Six Human Needs.  Then write down all the ways you meet each of these in your life.  We can either meet these needs in a resourceful and constructive way or an unresourceful and destructive way according to Anthony Robbins.  For example, sometimes friends who are bored might meet the need for variety with gossip.  Another might try to meet the need for significance by being a martyr in relationships.  A healthy alternative might be volunteering, becoming an advocate, or building a successful career path in which you are an expert.  See if you can identify ways you are meeting your needs and how you might reframe some of them

to more resourceful choices.  Enjoy this eye-opening experience!  If you’d like further support for this grab your FREE discovery call coaching session with me today.  I can support you to build healthy habits and a lifestyle free of unresourceful choices!

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