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The Law of Attraction | 7 Tips to Using it in Your Daily Life

September 23, 2020

Would you like to have the ability to bring into your life whatever you focus on? This is what the Law of Attraction can do! I like to add that I am a co-creator with God. Whatever your beliefs are, you can also tap into this power that is greater than all of us. Often people get stuck because they don’t know all the steps to manifest what they want. Here are seven steps to manifest anything into your experience.

Get clear on what you want.
If you want to manifest something you must know what it is that you desire. It’s important to be as clear as possible. A good way to start is to brainstorm a list of 20 things you want to manifest and be as specific as you can. Try to list the details in the positive. For instance, if you want a beach house, list the price range you’d like it to be, style, location, etc.

Ask the universe (God).
Once you have clarity on what you want, it’s important to ask for it. This allows the universe or God to answer you and connects you to this force for guidance. It’s a higher level of relationship and communication that allows for an openness to receive assistance. There are many ways to help with this co-creating process. You can use tools such as meditation, prayer, vision boards, or visualization. Asking daily for what you want will help keep you focused on your goal and keep you open to guidance.

Work toward your goals.
The act of co-creating your reality includes work done towards your goals by you! Once you’ve written the 20 things you’d like to manifest, find three actions for each one of those goals and write them down. Begin taking steps while staying open to the guidance of the Universe.

Trust the Process.
Patience is an important part of the manifesting process. It’s tempting to think that once you’ve asked and it doesn’t magically appear that it doesn’t work. What we focus on we become, so make sure that you aren’t thinking negative thoughts and allowing yourself to become impatient if the answers aren’t instant. Each day, you can use affirmations of expectancy to help align yourself with the manifestation process. You can say something like, “My dreams are coming true. The universe has my back.”

Record your wins.
Tune into what messages you are receiving from the universe. It is always providing help and when you acknowledge it grows. At the end of the day write what signs you have received and the progress you have made in your journal. This will help your confidence in the process and increase your positive energy which will in turn draw more towards you!

Keep your vibration high.
You attract the energy you are sending out into the world. If you keep your thoughts and emotions positive than the universe answers with the same. Do something you love every day for at least 10-15 minutes. Feeling joy will attract more and keep you certain that good things are coming your way.

Get rid of any resistance.
Doubts, anxiety, fears, regrets, pain, procrastination, frustration (Dictionary Definition is “Endeavor to block.”) are all forms of resistance. These are things we all experience. They are universal. When they come take a moment to breathe through them and let them go. If you need help, confide in a friend or a coach. Awareness around these habits and negative thought patterns and taking a moment to let them go and work through them will help unblock your progress.

To manifest what you want, all the steps are important! Try them and message me with your results! If you need assistance or support with this process, I’d love to work with you as your coach. Sign up here for your FREE discovery call HERE.

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