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January 29, 2022

Music has an incredible ability to change the way we feel, boost energy levels, and even connect us to others.  This week I was challenged to a #dancechallenge by a friend in a course I’m taking.  The challenge is to record me dancing every day and post it to our Facebook group.  I didn’t realize how down I’d been until I started doing this and could feel such a huge difference in my energy levels when I just got up and danced for a few minutes!  I’ve been experiencing low energy and the course asked me to look at all areas of my life and determine how fulfilled I am.  This was a wake up call.  I was doing all the things I “should” do and wasn’t really having a lot of fun doing it.

As I went to record my video, I was trying to think about the last time I danced and really let loose.  I couldn’t remember the last time!  Once I stood up, turned on a favorite song, and started moving, I could feel the energy and “fun Brooke” coming back to life!  Can you remember when a song brought you to tears?  Maybe you remember a time you were at a concert and you felt a connection with the whole room of people?  I know music helps me run faster when I’m working out, and it has the power to bring up old memories too.

I’ve found the ability to harness the power of music to get my creative juices flowing again!   According to research found on the Sunwarrior blog, “fast paced, upbeat music can get you moving in more ways than just on the dance floor. Music can drive you to work faster, think clearer, and dig deep. Music also blocks out distracting or annoying noises that can keep you from working.”  Music can get the endorphins flowing.

I’d like to invite you to join the dance challenge.  You can tag my Facebook page and I’ll share it to my timeline.  Let’s encourage everyone to get up and dance and raise those energy levels!   At least, once per day, turn on one of your favorite songs and get that booty shaking!  Notice how it improves your energy and your general sense of happiness!  Check out my playlist and get ready to find the new, more fun, definitely more energetic you!


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