Hi, I'm Brooke

I'm a city babe turned farm girl, organizing fanatic, lover of horses, and my charcuterie boards will always have yours beat. 

I never could have imagined that a young single mom that struggled with anxiety would now be a wifey to Derek DeBoer (a professional racecar driver - not trying to brag), mother to three beautiful girls, producer of a Amazon Prime Docu-Series, Fastlife, and a devoted life coach for women ready for more.

Through all my hardships and challenges in life, I have found that the most important thing is to learn how to trust yourself and your intuition. Life can be overwhelming and your path can sometimes feel so unclear. I get it, because I once was you! It took me many years to grow and learn the skills to find inner peace.  I'm still growing, life is a journey, right?   Now I'm here for you, so you can fast track your growth process, and begin to add more of what you want into your experience, with a teammate who has your back! 

Support can free you up to live without limits. You deserve it and your time is now!

I;m so excited to meet you!

my story

I've climbed two 14,000 foot peaks in one day!

I love dark chocolate and Mint tea.

Running is how I clear my head and get the stress out.

I'm a Bigfoot believer!

I could eat Mexican food every single day!

Scary movies are way too scary for me!

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